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Our Current Work

Currently, The Law and Policy Group, Inc. is working to expand its outreach through eight produced plays. Recently, the Group debuted a virtual zoom staged-readings of SHOT: Caught a Soul and Dreams of Emmett Till, and both were chosen as official selections at film festivals. L&P is also sponsoring a screenplay “Sgt. Freeman" was a finalist and official selection at national and international film festivals. Also in progress is a documentary film titled She Took Justice based on a book by the same name written by Professor Browne-Marshall. The Group is working on a project to talk with schools in all major cities to expand issues of social justice and diversity, inclusion, and equity. Our work is in opening the dialogue and nurturing discussion—then promoting lasting change by linking schools, organizations, and other groups with the resources to make change happen.


Archive of Our Work

Criminal Justice

Interview with Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall(Published in Audible)

Stop and Frisk: From Slave-Catchers to NYPD, A Legal Commentary by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall(Published in Trotter Review)


A Cautionary Tale: Black Women, Criminal Justice, and HIV by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall(Published in Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy)

America's Epidemic: HIV/AIDS and People of Color by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall(Published in the American Bar Association, Human Rights Journal)

Human Trafficking

Sex Trafficking as Modern Slavery by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall(Published in The Milkwaukee Courier)

Internationalism and Human Rights

'Vestiges' of transatlantic slave trade persist today by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall(Published in UN News)

Black History Month Presentation, Black Resistance and Warrior Queen Nzingha by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall(Published by the Association for the Study of American American Life and History, ASALH)

Putting the Civil Back in Civilization: The Importance of Friendship in the 21st Century by Mary Sims


Online Physician-Patient Care by Mary Sims(Published in Ethic& Medicine)


Part of the Process: What Does This Mean to Companies and Stakeholders Today? by Mary Sims(Published in Business and Economics Society International Anthology)

What Effect Does Anti-Corruption Legislation Have on Worldwide Corruption? Business and Economics Society International Anthology 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada Presentation by Mary Sims

Ethics in International Business: “It is Actually More Beneficial for Companies to be Good Corporate Citizens in our Global Economy.” Business and Economics Society International Anthology 2006 by Mary Sims

Produced by The Law & Policy Group, Inc.

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