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Malcolm X: A Historical Reader


Malcolm X: A Historical Reader

  • Much has been written on the life and work of Malcolm X, one of the most important Black leaders of the twentieth century. Editors Conyers and Smallwood have assembled an impressive array of contributors whose works reflect their expertise in the fields of history, sociology, social work, religion, literature, labor and management, and Africana studies. The essays fuse social science, humanistic, and professional studies methods as they look at Malcolm X and his contributions in place, space, and time.

    The objective of the essays is simple and straightforward. First, the book hopes to challenge scholars in Africana studies to re-examine and re-emphasize Africana leadership of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Certainly, the idea of this reclamation is critical to examining agency and sovereignty of African people. Second, the articles promote the implementation of Afrocentric meta-theories in order to describe and evaluate Africana phenomena. Lastly, the contributions offer readers interdisciplinary tools for restoring, connecting, and retaining the cultural milieu of Africana accomplishments.

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